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Based in Seoul, South Korea 


2019-2021 MFA Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea        

2013-2017 BA in Economics and Visual Arts, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA                      



2022 AFTER, IMAGE, Spectrum Gallery, Seoul, South Korea             



2023 Fantasy without the Original (원본 없는 판타지), Onsu-gonggan, Seoul, South Korea 

2023 From the Eggs to the Apples (계란에서 사과까지), Shinhan Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2022 Cloud Matter (물질 구름), Artspace3, Seoul, South Korea

2022 Mishigam (미시감), Woosuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2022 Flimsy Fragments, Sochon Art Factory, Gwangju, South Korea                

2022 Are You Carrot? (HOXY… 당근이세요?), Suchang Youth Mansion, Daegu, South Korea 

2021 Masquerade, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea        

2020 Virtual Shadow on the Sky of Information (정보의 하늘에 가상의 그림자가 비추다), Artspace3, Seoul, South Korea

2019 X, X, not X (X가 X인 동시에 X가 아닌), Woosuk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea                                      

2019 there&now, Red L Gallery, Daejeon, South Korea                                

2017 Yummy Yummy, Reva and David Logan Center for the Art, Chicago, IL, USA                      

2016 DAD’S MAD, Bleeding Heart, Chicago, IL, USA                                                     


2023 International Artist Residency Grant, Art Council Korea, South Korea 

2023 Shinhan Young Artist Festa, Shinhan Gallery, South Korea

2020 Hoam Faculty House Prize for Creative Endeavors, Seoul National University, South Korea          

2017 Louis Sudler Prize in the Creative and Performing Arts, The University of Chicago, USA                 

2016 UChicago Arts Student Summer Fellowship, The University of Chicago, USA                



2023 ChaNorth Artist Residency, ChaShama, Pine Plains, NY, USA 

2017 LAUNCH Invitational Residency, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL, USA 

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